The Challenge

Create a pilot video that centers around a high-level topic or area of interest (eg. How can we increase healthcare access for underprivileged communities in NYC?).

The Solution

In this video, we follow a day in the life of an NYU Wagner student, the classroom experience, student group discussion at coffee shops, and end with closing thoughts against a background of urban NYC terrain. Future videos would each focus on one student’s journey, featuring students from other videos within the series making brief appearances, thus visually introducing and reinforcing the ideas of “intersections” and “community”.

Prospective students who attend graduate fairs have short attention spans, are overwhelmed with many different types of promotional materials, and are distracted by the chaotic graduate fair environment. In response to this situation, these promotional postcards allow prospective students to quickly skim and within 30 seconds get a high-level overview of each graduate program.

Quick response (QR) code in the postcard’s footer directs readers to the NYU Wagner mobile website for more information.

Implemented as both a stand-alone kiosk and as an interactive presentation prop for Admissions recruiters, this app for iPad guided prospective students through admission requirements, curriculum specializations and sample career paths.